Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Traditional marriage

I'm not normally tuned into celebrity gossip but this story caught my eye today. Jerry Hall (ex-super-model and girlfriend of Mick Jagger) is to be married to Rupert Murdoch (media-mogul and owner of news corp) Apparently it's the fourth time Murdoch has been married, splitting from his previous wife Wendi Deng back in 2013. Deng is 37 years, and Hall is 25 years younger than the 84 year old tycoon. I would hypothesise from this that a great big pile of cash can be sufficient for some Women to overlook normal marriage conventions around age, good luck to them I suppose, there's always some give and take in any relationship. 

What I'm more amused to think about is how so-called "Christians" like Murdoch (who's news network is notoriously anti-LGBT) talk about and push the concept of "traditional" marriage; I wonder how far the plasticity of that concept can be pushed by right-wingers of influence, power and money before it collapses under a weight of hypocrisy, maybe it already has?

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