Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Word salad

New J&M cartoon today. I agree; in my experience religion is one of the main sources of such pseudo-profundity and so it came to pass. 

There are many other sources of BS in the world too of course; you only need look as far as the apparent success of people like Deepak Chopra to see how gullible people are and how readily they hand over cash to consume pure nonsense. Here I'm referring to material that relies on combining words that few properly understand (but would be embarrassed to admit it) with other everyday words that together sort of sound intelligent (because of the first part) and also familiar (because of the second part) but upon inspection by anyone with half a brain, turn out to be the opposite of that. Wonderful phrases like "quantum consciousness" spring to mind, a Chopra favourite. In fact if you ever find that someone has gone to the trouble of creating a WEB page to generate pseudo-profundity in your own particular style then it's probably time to admit you're so full of it that your eyes have turned brown.

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