Thursday, November 24, 2016

Anti-science = Anti-education

Trump has picked his "Education Secretary", it's someone called Betsy DeVos (pictured above), from what I read a rich and prolific donor to the Republican party. DeVos is a devout (fundamentalist) Christian who has in the past pushed for the "elimination" of the teaching of evolution from US schools, calling it a "wicked and wain philosophy", clearly she's not educated herself then. Her family is typically "US-Right-wing, Christian", the fortune comes from her husbands father who started the company Amway  ($9 billion in revenue last year) where her husband worked for a while until forming his own "investments" company; her brother (an ex-Navy seal) started (and made millions from) the "Blackwater" security firm who were banned from Iraq after killing 17 civilians. From the "squeezed" working and middle-classes they are not.

I wonder how things will now move in the USA, there seems to be an anti-education, anti-science core to the new administration and they seem to be looking backwards and not forwards. Will there be an intellectual recession (i.e. negative growth) now across the pond? or will the democratic party and the educated/scientific communities on the coasts be able to influence and steer the people back toward rationality and away from delusional self-interested, pocket-stuffing preachers and con-artists, it seems unlikely that we all won't be affected in some way.

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