Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black (humour) Friday

If you'd like a giggle, take a look at this ($250!) "Trump" Christmas tree ornament and the reviews it garnered on the Amazon web site. 

Here are a few to tickle your fancy...

- Unfortunately not large enough to fit over my pointy white sheet..
- It's small size makes it ideal for small hands
- It just told my crucifix it prefers deities who didn't get captured by the Romans
- It keeps harassing & grabbing my pussy cat.
- It's that sad little ornament the Grinch leaves behind when he steals your presents
- Yay! I needed a new toilet.

and so on..


A Heron's View said...

Perhaps you can inform us of when was it that the US was ever great ?

Steve Borthwick said...

Well yes I see where you're going there but 40 years ago they put men on the Moon, that's pretty "great" in my book.