Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Computer says no..

Being an "engineer" (software) this is often how I feel when confronted with convoluted manual processes and inefficient computer systems, hiring a car seems to be especially bad. I had UX (user experience) like the one in the cartoon last year when I arrived in Geneva an hour early and went to get a (pre-booked) hire-car, unfortunately they didn't have one ready that was clean. That's OK I said I'm only here for the day so I don't care about that (I'd rather have left immediately and beaten the rush-hour). "Oh no sir, that's not allowed, our process says that all cars must be cleaned and we can't deviate from our process, however we do have a more expensive model available if you're really in a hurry". I ended up sitting in their silly little office staring at the wall for about 45 minutes waiting for a car to be cleaned. I haven't used this company again, probably never will (Thrifty in case you're wondering), the hire car business seems ripe for some technological disruption IMO (Uber?).

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