Monday, November 14, 2016

Liberal moods..

Many US liberals seem to be in "melt-down" over Trump at the moment. It's broadly the same mood that prevails among liberals in the UK over Brexit, it's something that has a real potential to divide communities, families and even groups of friends. Unfortunately its seems that many people aren't used to "debate" as a means of helping to settle differences of opinion and find common ground, this is a problem, because evidence based debate and conversation is the ONLY way of settling disputes satisfactorily; it appears to be a lost art.

I see this intransigent mood on many of the social media platforms, even between close friends. Rather than engage with the words (or simply ignore them if they're not interested) many just throw up the barricades and attempt to shut down conversations with personal attacks and unfriending ultimatums, at best this is a childish reaction but at worst a destructive and unhealthy way to proceed that can only end acrimoniously.

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