Friday, November 25, 2016

Blasphemy, again..

Cheadle town councillors are clearly a militant bunch; they insist that every council meeting start with a (Christian) prayer regardless of the fact that not only do they have members of mixed faiths and none they have received complaints from the people they (supposedly) represent to the effect that prayers in Council meeting makes them feel uncomfortable. Councillor Ian Whitehouse (related to Mary?) said that he "didn't agree that Britain isn't a Christian country", his pearl of wisdom was that it's "blasphemy" to say otherwise. Councillor Ron Locker said, "I'm a Christian and proud of it. I think it is a good thing, it puts us in our place. Ours is a good prayer and we do our best in respect of that prayer." (sounds like something ISIS would say) Many other's were in support of the position, basically saying "like it or lump it", i.e. if people didn't want to pray then they "could leave", i.e. these bigots want to exclude non-Christians from a portion of a PUBLIC meeting.

The arrogance and belligerence on display from these Christians is repulsive. The belief that it's their "right" to impose their religion onto people who don't want it, simply because they are (temporarily) the majority group in their particular council, rails against every sense and fibre of fairness, inclusiveness and tolerance that SHOULD be how such organisations are run. The time when all religious practices and privileges are eliminated completely from Government (local and national) is long overdue; the first political party that has the balls to campaign for a properly secular constitution will instantly get my vote!

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