Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cash for the rich

So having said I'd like to see more demographic data about the US election, I almost immediately stumbled across some. 

People that voted Trump,

53% of White Women,
78% of Conservative Women
81% of white evangelical Christians

Source: NBC Exit poll

I also saw tonight that Trump has put a crack-pot climate-change denier in charge of his environmental policy team. Myron Ebell is someone who is at odds with over 99% of scientists internationally and thinks that climate change is "a liberal conspiracy", the undoing of all the hard work done trying to reduce carbon emissions over the last 10 years is likely to start in January. The Americans that voted for Trump will likely relish the thought of spending all that cash they would have spent helping to save our ecosystems on even bigger gas burning penis substitutes, and of course, more guns to kill each other with. The joke of course is that they'll never see a penny of it, it's already been spent by the Koch brothers.

Thanks Evangelical Christians, looks like our descendants will find out that your bullshit is a lie a lot quicker now.

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