Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Educationally devoid?

Whilst on the subject of Trumps lame cabinet picks, Betsy DeVos is another totally unqualified flake that scares the bejebus out of Democrats in the USA. As previously mentioned DeVos is a billionaire (on a mission from God) who seems to have made a career out of donating millions (of her husband's money) to the Republican party and trying to interfere in the education system, much to the annoyance of many experienced educators. DeVos has never held office nor has she any educational leadership qualification or experience, it seems to be just a "hobby" for her. She was confirmed by just one vote, and that had to be cast by the Vice President himself, the first time ever that a "VP" has had to intercede in this way. The closeness of the vote says it all really and also says to me that the Republican senators are a bunch of "pussies", I'm sure the Trump will be glad to have such a target rich environment.

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