Thursday, February 16, 2017

Global warming?

Here's some interesting research, it's from the Pew Center and attempts to document the changing attitudes among Americans of differing political leanings, ages and personal circumstances towards different religious groups or none. The good news is that Americans generally are at last realising that the childish view that Atheists are demons in disguise is in fact, childish, and in most cases have "warmed" toward none-believers over the last 3 years. What is most promising is that among young people this warming effect is the most dramatic; having gone from second lowest as a respected group (only slightly above rapists) Atheists are now higher than Mormons, Evangelicals and Muslims, no longer in the relegation zone! Of course among older bigots people Atheists are still thought of as pond scum, battling it out (in their minds) with Islamic terrorists for the chance to corrupt the youth and destroy the American dream; although from here in Europe it looks like Americans these days seem to be perfectly able and willing to do that for themselves, particularly the older ones.

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