Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday smirk

The excellent J&M on the subject of "fake news". 

I always cringe when the (more fundamentalist leaning) Christians in our group of friends bang on about how their "faith" teaches them to be "good"; Whenever the dinner conversation takes this kind of a turn, I get those "evil eyes" from my wife across the table encouraging me to restrain myself (which of course I always do) 

In my mind, perpetuating an untruth, or passing off an ancient myth as "fact", is no different from telling an outright lie. Instructing your children that you know things to be "true" that, as an evolved primate, you cannot possibly know (like the wishes of the creator of the universe) is easily on a par with "fake news". Unfortunately these observations are lost on most religious people, it seems that blind faith and indoctrination inoculates them from seeing self deception; the most simple of "truths".

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