Wednesday, February 22, 2017

They don't like it "up-em"...

The ever excellent J&M covering the story about free booklets on Humanism being distributed in schools around the UK. Many religious people don't like it "up-em" especially in Northern Ireland; that superstition soaked, sectarian obsessed outlier of the United Kingdom where one of Ian Paisley's old buddies Rev. David McIlveen has come out and condemned the move saying, 

"I think that they are far too young to even make that decision as to the rights and wrongs of Humanism and I think this is an exploitation of young people to try and indoctrinate them into a view that many people in NI would reject. I would feel very strongly about the fact there there should be a clear barrier between the message of Humanism and impressionable minds."

The irony and hypocrisy dripping from his words is nauseating; this sad old man is quite happy to oversee and condone the continuance of a system of segregation based upon ridiculous Bronze age myths that has ruined his entire country and set it back decades. Not to mention indirectly and directly led to the murders of thousands; yet objects to educating children about equitable and humane systems of philosophy and ethics that don't require his particular brand of voodoo and magic. As the old saying goes, "turkeys don't vote for Christmas" and that sentiment is plain for all to see in his spiteful and self-serving attitude. 

I spent a year living in N. Ireland and loved the place, particularly the welcoming and generous people, they deserve much better political representation than they've historically had from narrow minded bigots like this. The sooner the younger generation kick these ancient religious relics into touch the better off I believe they'll all be in that land.

Here's a sample from the book, as you can see, it's terrifyingly subversive (or for the rational, non-religious reader.. common-sense)

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