Sunday, February 05, 2017

Tip of the iceberg?

Apparent climate problems in Spain have causes a shortage of certain vegetables this Winter; things like courgettes, lettuce and other vegetables grown above ground are having to be rationed in supermarkets around the UK. Many are commenting on the fact that these days consumers expect everything to be available 52 weeks a year, i.e. even items not in season. I fear we may need to retreat slightly in our expectations as climate change (hot and cold) impinges on traditional growing seasons in Northern Europe and elsewhere. Personally I wouldn't mind too much, I never eat much salad in the Winter months, I feel the need for more substantial fare when it's freezing outside. 

I suspect with all of the problems these days around obesity and the UK population being (on average) overweight it's not surprising that January and February spike in salad/veg consumption. Typically our household only finally gets rid of the last of the Christmas holiday food by the end of January after which we start to get back to a normal rhythm. This week I decided that I needed to lose a few pounds; normally my weight fluctuates between minimum and maximum according to (roughly) a five year cycle. To reverse the upward trend I usually crank the calorie intake down to around 1200-1400 calories per day and the exercise output up for 6 months or so in order to get back to my median range BMI score (around 80-85 kg), I reckon I should be there by July/Aug (Broccoli rationing permitting!)

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up calories..

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