Friday, March 17, 2017

Blasphemy, LOL

So I see that Pakistan is trying to use Facebook machinery to implement it's own Islamofascist and medieval freedom of speech/thought laws. Facebook has agreed to send a team to Pakistan (according to the Pakistani interior ministry) to look into "blasphemous content" (written by Pakistanis) What this team will actually do is not clear, but in my view any capitulation on freedom of speech/thought and privacy protocols by any social media platform would be tantamount to aiding and abetting a repressive regime. Facebook needs to tread carefully here; if they are seen to be colluding with "the man" (from whatever country) it will mark the beginning of the end for that kind of system in my view. Better to be blocked or banned in Pakistan than to capitulate to Islamic fascism and have the "blood" of countless liberal bloggers and activists on your hands.

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