Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Lot's of believers in the so called "religion of peace" in Pakistan are demanding the murder of atheist blogger Ayaz Nizami. I'm not talking here about the froth spewing hate preachers that seem to litter the clergy in that land but normal everyday people on Twitter (the so called moderate majority) using the hashtag #HangAyazNizami and even authority figures in the Government. His crime is simply that of creating an online group for atheists and posting anti-religious comments on it. He's not alone, several atheist and secular bloggers are being held in prison in that country for nothing more than publicly expressing their thoughts.

Pakistan seems to be attempting to establish itself as some kind of leader in this medieval practice of hounding and murdering anyone who dissents from one particular interpretation of one single theocratic position. It's an old trick and one that we've seen many times in history. It's a favourite ploy of failed states, illegitimate governments and hypocritical theocracies, it's used to distract attention away from the facts that their economy is broken, government riddles with corruption and impoverished people desperate for change and modernisation.

The map in the picture above shows the countries that have blasphemy laws still in place (2014), many of those countries have draconian laws that unbelievably demand things like death for apostates, gay people, blasphemers and many other minorities who are deemed to step out of line, or are simply non-conformist to the prevailing religious dogmas. Many of these countries still hide corruption, injustice and inequality behind a veil of religious offence, relabelling religious and political criticism as "hate speech" or "religious intolerance" whilst at the same time overtly breaking many of the so called pillars of the faith systems they claim to protect.

The alarming picture that this map paints however is that tomorrow the UK prime minister will trigger Article 50 which starts the process of this country leaving the EU. This map is a pretty close approximation of the countries with which we will supposedly "do business" and plug commercial gaps created by abandoning our secular European partners of the last half century. I can only fantasise about what it is exactly that we'll be selling them, Spanish donkeys, heretic's forks and thumb-screws perhaps?

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