Thursday, March 09, 2017

Weighty subjects

I thought I'd post a checkpoint WRT my ongoing efforts to shed some calorific investment. I can say without doubt that food-science works (as if we didn't know that already!), if you count calories in and out, monitor the vital parameters and stick to a sensible plan then bodies behave as predicted, mass is indeed converted to energy. Over the last 30 days I've been cutting back on the fuel intake and gradually cranking up the energy output (exercise) and so far I've dropped about 10 kg (22 lb in old money) I must say that losing weight is so much easier these days, all the main supermarkets do healthy options/meals and with the internet you can just google for the word "calories" followed by the food of your choice and you get the answer. Then it's trivial to count up what you eat and adjust your trajectory for the day/week accordingly.

I did make one new discovery this time around that I think might be useful for people trying to lose weight (but loath that empty feeling), it's a couple of products called "bare naked noodles" and "bare naked rice", both kinds of pasta/noodle type stuff made from a Japanese plant (that they've been eating for years) with very little carbohydrate or calorific content (Konjac) A decent bowl full is less than a dozen calories or so and it really fills you up (doesn't taste of much of course but the texture is fine) I wouldn't say I'll eat them forever but for now they are replacing noodles, spaghetti and rice quite nicely turning a 500 calorie meal into a 200 calorie meal without too much stress (result!) I also read a decent book on dieting recently by Dr Michael Mosley (him on the telly) It covers some of the science behind nutrition and dieting and is much better that the usual pseudo-scientific day-time TV personality crap that you see. It's call the "Blood sugar diet" and although I'm not strictly following it and it's not exactly rocket-science, the chemistry and metabolism topics in there are well worth having an appreciation of IMO.

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