Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Sex exists!

It's official! The UK Government has finally accepted the fact that SEX exists, and it's probably a good idea to teach our children about it. It seems we've finally reached a point in 2017 (hurrah!) when enough people feel strongly that one of the central pillars of Human existence is quite a bit more complicated than ignorant 2000 year old goat herders scribbled in their books of tall-stories and moral preachment.

Sex education is now compulsory in all England's schools. Age appropriate subjects will be taught from four years old upwards. Previously sex-ed was only required in council schools, meaning that many wriggled out of it by not being directly under local authority control. Unfortunately SRE is still optional in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Of course there are still opt-outs for "faith" schools, our Government isn't that brave or forward thinking! Religious lobbyists have ensured that parents who send their offspring to segregated schools maintain their right to obscure reality from their children, I feel sorry for them. All the evidence we have suggests that comprehensive (evidence-based) sex education leads to the best outcomes for young people, reducing things like unwanted pregnancies, dysfunctional relationships and sexually transmitted infection etc. Many (including me) believe that the physical and emotional well-being of young people should not hinge on the superstitious beliefs of their parents or the school that they attend.

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