Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not the sharpest knives in the draw...

There seems to be a rush of celebrities (mainly US sports people) who claim that they believe the Earth is flat. The latest member of this delusional family is ex LA Lakers basketball player Shaquille O'Neal who said on a recent podcast that he was sympathetic to the idea that the Earth may not be a sphere after all, apparently it's all a big conspiracy (of course it is...) There are quite a few "famous" people now who are making these claims, you would have thought that after Sputnik was launched in the 50's that any flat-earthers would have given up the ghost but apparently not!

Interestingly Humans knew that the Earth wasn't flat much further back in time that the swinging sixties. The ancient Greeks had already figured this out long before planets, orbits or even space were even vague concepts, some 3000+ years ago. It's embarrassing to think that there are people alive today who are so educationally stunted that they are unable to evaluate the ample evidence themselves and reach the blindingly obvious conclusion that we live on a globe (unsupported by turtles, just in case you were wondering).

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