Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Bloodsuckers part II

The picture above shows a group of Malaysian atheists enjoying a recent get-together in KL to celebrate their activities, such as, raising money for disaster victims in the Philippines. Looks harmless enough (actually it looks like a nice group of people) but apparently the Malaysian Government have taken a very different view. The thought police within that state have become suspicious that some of the people in this group may have been Muslims, and if that's true then they must be punished. 

In theory, Malaysia has freedom of religion, but there are different rules for Muslims and it's very difficult for people of that faith to de-convert to Atheism (or any other religion), like the mosquitoes in my previous post, it would seem that once the Malaysian version of Islam has it's blood-sucking mouth parts stuck into you then it's difficult to escape without them extracting their pound of flesh. All of this because a handful of Atheists wanted to hangout together and enjoy some like-minded company.

It seems hard to believe that this kind of thing goes on in the 21st century; I guess Malaysia is another country that I have to cross off my list, shame, I really love the (regular) people and the food from that region. Atheists in the (free) world will need to watch out for these guys now, hopefully the international media attention will go some way to helping their cause and ensuring they don't "disappear" into the Malaysian legal system for the crime of "thinking differently".

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