Friday, August 18, 2017

Un-Scholarly scholars

Here's a joke, the hopelessly abused term "Islamic scholar" 

Unfortunately hucksters like the one pictured above continue to influence and pollute the minds of young people in the Islamic world (a quick search on YouTube will illustrate my point).

Predictably, the thuggish and theocratic regime of Saudi Arabia has given this scam artist awards and citizenship, I assume because of his support for their particular brand of mythology. For the rest of humanity it's perfectly obvious that his true calling is no more than the usual meme-making survival strategy of all religions, with a specialism in the most despicable part, i.e. "lying to children". All of this adulation for someone who has an outstanding arrest warrant in his native land of India. I guess in some religious circles this kind of talent and the behaviour it engenders is considered de rigeur?

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