Thursday, August 10, 2017

Don't be evil (unless it's PC)

Last week it emerged that a Google engineer had sent an email around (representing his personal opinion) discussing the differences between men and women, exploring the fact that even today the majority of engineering jobs in Silicon valley are occupied by males rather than females. The memo was basically sent as a set of counter arguments to some of the gender diversity policies being implemented within the company and pointed out some of the differences between the sexes and surmised that (most) women just don't want to do the same kinds of jobs as men. The email was jumped on by the "PC/Feminist brigade" and the author derided and hounded via social media. We learn this week that Google have ended up actually firing him (WTF!)

There are lot's of problems with this story, the more you look into it, the more it stinks. Having read the document in full, I conclude that it's a thoughtful, well-researched opinion piece that in no way promotes or advocates sexism. It's not just me that thinks that, many social commentators have chipped in and supported the engineer and his right to free-speech. The bottom line is that he got the science right, men are indeed different from women (no shit Sherlock!) and tend to have different interests, goals and methods, HOWEVER, this isn't the same thing as discrimination. 

Basically Google just fired someone for telling the truth!

It's a screwed up world when feminists can hound someone like this for an opinion that essentially concurs with scientific truth, and yet remain silent on cases of real sexism. You don't hear people screaming sexism about the fact that only 3% of garbage collectors working at Google are female and yet the mainstream (left/liberal) media constantly moans about the fact that there aren't enough Technology company CEO's who are female. Then we have the third world, coincidentally the BBC ran a story just today about a change in the law in Nepal, the Government there have finally made it illegal to banish menstruating Women to huts at the outskirts of the village! I don't see much feminist condemnation of real sexism like that in mainstream or social-media outlets. 

We can all see the problem with this picture, call it "culture" or call it "religion" and sexism seems to get a free pass however when you challenge irrational feminist ideology with actual "facts" then all hell breaks loose. What this engineer should have done is to claim that his (factual) opinions were his deeply felt religious beliefs and none of these feminazis would have gone within a mile of it.

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