Monday, August 28, 2017


I discovered this little beauty lurking in the undergrowth at the house we were staying in France last week. We were all perplexed about what species of spider it could be, no one having seen anything like it before. Turns out that it's a Wasp Spider (for obvious reasons) and lives in North African and Southern/Central Europe, it's also sometimes seen in the Southern parts of the UK. As our planet warms though it would seem likely that the range of this species will spread as higher average temperatures move Northwards.

The other noticeable critters that lived around the house were hornets, these large wasp-like creatures seemed to perform regular hunting raids at dusk (you could set your watch by it) when it sounded rather reminiscent of a squadron of Lancaster bombers flying in. Quite intimidating for the mammals eating cheese and drinking wine a few meters away, but after a few visits it became clear that these beasties weren't in the slightest interested in us, however, all the other moths and bugs gathering around the lights seemed to be just the ticket for a light "hornet-supper".

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