Saturday, August 12, 2017

Not bitter

Whilst in London yesterday I couldn't resist dropping into a craft beer bar (Charlotte Street) to have a look at what was on. I only had time for a swift pint so picked something I wouldn't normally choose. A sour beer from a brewery down in Sussex. The beer was called "Saison l'ete" or Summer Saison and the brewery called "Burning Sky". Saison beers are essentially ales or pale ales that have a particular kind of bacteria added to them during fermentation that essentially turns them sour, it's not a lemon kind of sour more a yogurt kind of sour (I'm not doing it justice) it's quite a complex set of flavours and I can imagine not to everyone's taste. I must say I wasn't overly impressed to begin with but like a lot of things in this life, after a few sips it was growing on me, after a whole pint I could have easily drank another. Unfortunately I didn't have time as my Son was eager to visit a shop on Percy Street that specialized in fancy sneakers, it was an impressive shop but what blew me away was that quite a lot of the shoes on display there were priced at over £1,000 pounds, yes you read that right, a thousand quid! Apparently the leading shoe companies like Nike, Adidas etc. release limited edition shoes that are often endorsed by rappers and other celebrities, these small batches become highly sought after and are collected by enthusiasts, such a diverse and multi-layered world we live in, I learn something new every day!

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