Thursday, August 03, 2017

Phew, what a scorcher

We love to moan about the weather here in the UK, this last couple of weeks has been particularly poor in terms of rain (rather than sunshine) but if we zoom out a bit and look at averages world-wide we see a somewhat different picture. This chart shows the number of record-breaking (temperature-wise) years there's been in recent decades (going back to the 1880's) as anyone can see the frequency of records for the hottest average temperatures is becoming worse (i.e. hotter) and more frequent the closer we get to the current day. 

Sometimes I do worry about the future well-being of my children and grandchildren (as I'm sure most people do), issues around ISIS and North Korea fade into insignificance if these trend continue, climate change should be (by far) the biggest source of concern for thinking people today.

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