Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Faith ain't what it used to be..

New J&M today - pointing out one of the more weird and troubling stories in the Bible, the one about Abraham following the voices in his head telling him to murder his own Son. Luckily, these days, people that claim to be following voices in their heads telling them to commit atrocities are locked up for a very long time in psychiatric hospitals and kept away from society.

It's surprising how many of the actions taken by characters in Bible stories would nowadays be put down to mental illness and deviant psychopathy! Of course the number of modern believers who would kill, maim or enslave purely for their religion is much less than it used to be in the "Christian" West since the enlightenment and the rise of secularism over theocracy. Unfortunately though, in the Islamic world the balance is much less favorable to the point of serious concern, as is their proclivity for exporting such acts abroad.

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