Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good Friday

For Atheists, every Friday is good and, no one has to die! 

To celebrate it being Friday we popped over to our local craft brewery (Siren Craft Brew) to visit their newly opened "tap-room" for an hour. It's a great idea for small breweries to have a direct channel to market like this, it helps the bottom line of course (no middle men taking their margin) but it also gives them somewhere to try out new ideas and get feed-back from the punters. Here we have a dark beer called "Shattered Dream" made with salted caramel and cacao nibs, it was delicious, sweet from the lactose in the beer, coffee and chocolate flavours from the dark malts and then a salty caramel/chocolate finish. The beer was pretty strong at 9.1% probably what you'd call an "Imperial" stout so you'd only want a half, but a I reckon a suitably chocolate leaning way to kick off the long weekend!

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