Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Miss gender

New J&M today, looks at the thorny subject of gender assignment. This is a modern problem invented in the noughties by primarily left-leaning academics who decided that people should be identified and addressed according to gender aggregations or groups that are entirely constructed, or even self identified. This (vocal) movement has lead to some countries (like Canada) enacting legislation to the effect that people must be referred to by the gender pronoun of their choice, or the person mis-gendering them could face prosecution. 

There are of course many problems with such legislation, not least of which is how the hell do you know how someone prefers to be addressed if you don't know them (and new labels are being invented all the time) The more insidious issue is that this represents compelled-speech, in other words a Government is telling it's people what words they MUST say (as opposed to banning certain speech, like hate speech). From here we take a short step to Animal Farm, Gulags and the killing fields, something that should be resisted by all reasonable Liberals the free-world over.

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