Friday, June 11, 2021



Being an "early adopter" of technology I'm the proud owner of a series 1 Apple watch, being a miser I've not upgraded since then under the assertion that version 1 does everything I need and therefore no need to shell out another £350 quid for a series 5 version! The only app I use on the watch is the fitness one, I dutifully measure my calorific output every day and have set an incremental target over the years for the three "rings" which represent exercise, movement and stands, currently I have a target of 30 minutes exercise, 400 calories worth of movement and 12 stands per day. So far my longest run of meeting said targets is standing at a staggering 950 days, meaning I've achieved these targets for 950 days on the trot, such is the pedant that I am! 1000 days is looming at the end of July but I have a serious hurdle to straddle between now and then which is a week away on holiday in the West country! I have some serious craft brewery trips organized and some fabulous restaurant to tick off my list, so am fearful that the exercise targets might go out of the window over the course of a boozy afternoon in the Sun sitting in some Somerset industrial estate or some comfortable eatery... we shall have to see, watch this space, the tension is palpable..

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