Saturday, October 15, 2016

Best, best

For ages now I've struggled to make a really convincing English "best bitter", despite being probably the easiest (on paper) beer to make with the simplest ingredients, getting it right on the day was proving elusive. This evening I cracked open a new batch of a Fullers London Pride clone which I must say has turned out fabulously. I've made this beer before and it turned out pretty good (I thought it was wonderful at the time) but compared to this one it had its flaws. This time around the colour is spot on, clarity excellent and the taste really authentic (tried side-by-side with a bottle of the original), good balance between malts and hops with a nice bitter finish (made with Challenger, Northdown and Target hops) and around 4% ABV it's a really nice, session-able brew! Once my friends discover this one I don't think it'll hang around.

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