Monday, October 10, 2016

Scary politics

So, we've now had the second US presidential debate.. I say "debate", it wasn't, more like a schoolyard squabble. Not much in the way of actual tangible "content" or "policy", the two candidates seemed to simply throw insults at each other, in a very un-presidential manner. It's hard to imagine how we've got to this point, it seems inconceivable that someone like Trump is even qualified to hold a company directorship, let alone run for president, the most surprising part being that there's a sizeable corpus of people willing to actually vote for him? US society seems more divided than it's ever been, between the have's and the have-not's between black and white, between believers and non-believers, between the coasts and the heartland even between Men and Women! I sense a real feeling of embarrassment and a visceral fear among "liberal" Americans, particularly those that have passports and have travelled the world a bit. You only need look at the various videos being released by famous movie stars at the moment to pick up that vibe, take a look at what Robert de Niro has to say about Trump, there's a lot of talk on both sides about punching people in the face, he certainly doesn't hold his...

At one point during the "show", Trump threatened to imprison Clinton once he was "in power", he sounded indistinguishable from Saddam, Assad or Kim Jong-un to me, with the one exception that those dictators had/have a certain air of competence about them.

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