Monday, October 24, 2016

Never a truer word..

Excellent cartoon from J&M; this kind of thing would simply be amusing if we didn't have real countries and Governments in this world like those in Saudi, Iran and Pakistan (among others) who seem to think that this kind of religiously inspired intellectual intolerance is perfectly OK because their God is clearly the "right" one and everyone else's view on this matter is wrong (as you do). There are many examples of people caught up in overtly biased legal processes in these theocratic hell-holes, take the case of "Asia Bibi" for example, a Christian Woman sitting on death-row in Pakistan, her crime? simply being a Christian. The crime of "believing the wrong thing" is alive and well in these places, usually with particular torments reserved for those who simply don't believe any of it, in fact in places like Saudi, Atheists are considered by some in their Government to be "terrorists", a level of state-promoted psychosis that's quite extraordinary to see in the 21st century.

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