Thursday, October 06, 2016

Good day for secularism

Pro-choice protesters scored a major victory in Poland yesterday. Support for a proposed new law that would have seen abortion practically outlawed in that country has more or less collapsed as a result of nationwide protests by ordinary people. Poland already has draconian abortion laws harking back to the bad old days of back-street butchery, most Women needing this treatment (and that have the cash) seek it across the border in Germany. This further tightening of the law would have seen abortion becoming illegal even in situations of rape and incest, clearly a highly unpopular step. 

This result not only shows the power of mass (peaceful) protest, it's a useful blow to the political influence of the Catholic church. Poland is one of the most Catholic dominated countries in the world with over 85% of the population claiming allegiance to that particular flavour of Christianity. This result would suggest that the tide may be turning. Perhaps Poland is becoming slightly less Catholic as it's people move in wider European circles, if true this (for once) would represent a cultural trend that seems to be moving in the right direction.

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