Thursday, October 20, 2016

Everything that's wrong

I kind of agree with this, except I'm not sure it's our culture that's "wrong" so much as the effect of new (unresolved) challenges emerging in some of the elements that feed and shape it, especially education. It's worth noting that contrary to the assertions of many people with agenda's to impose, we live in an age of record prosperity, health and mobility. And despite there still being wars, skirmishes and the odd psychopathic ideology, we are also (on average) less likely to die a violent death than at any time in Human history. The odd blip like Trump should be expected; the trick will be teaching future generations mastery of critical and skeptical thinking, i.e. equipping them with the most reliable tools we know of in order to expose the hucksters and con-men before they screw things up for everyone.

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