Thursday, October 06, 2016

Smoke = fire?

There are lots of reasons lately to think that the UKIP party is a joke, or perhaps more accurately a nightmare; but it seems that the UKIP party has let it's veil slip, even further than it's recent leadership farce, at the European parliament today. Apparently there was a punch up between a couple of UKIP MEP's that ended in leadership contender Steven Woolfe passing out because of a knock to the head. Fortunately it looks like he's recovering in hospital now but even so is this really how we'd like our representatives to behave?

The photo above is of Mike Hookem another UKIP MEP who is accused of being the antagonist in this fracas, and who is currently on the run from French police. You can see him here dressed as an overweight paratrooper wearing a union jack tee-shirt, representing his country in the Strasbourg parliament - fills you with pride to be British doesn't it..

***UPDATE**** Apparently the UKIP MEP has had a brain scan.. they couldn't find anything (boom, boom)

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