Wednesday, December 21, 2016

East-Coast IPA - 6.5/10

I had a go at brewing an (American) "East Coast" style IPA the other week and it's now ready for drinking, so I cracked open a bottle this evening to see how she's going. Quite impressive to look at, super hazy (it's supposed to be like that) with the colour of orange juice; very low in bitterness but massively fruity on the nose and taste due to the ungodly amount of hops pitched into the beer at different points in it's production. It also had the white fluffy head that's typical of the style and it smelt like a bowl of squashed tangerines (in a good way!). Being the critical sort I don't particularly rate the mouth-feel of the beer, it's a bit "thin"; next time I'm going to up the malt-bill so that the yeast has a bit more sugar to work on; this one came in at around 5% ABV but I think would be much better at around 7-8% (i.e. double IPA levels) and I notice that most of the note-worthy producers of this style seem to aim around that mark.

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