Monday, December 05, 2016

Orwell called it..

Great article by Ian Hislop in the New Statesman today talking about our "post-truth" politics today and how many of the attributes of it concur with what George Orwell wrote about back in the 40's. Anyone who has (tried) to listen to a speech by Trump will recognise the mad syntax, repetition and total contradiction as a pretty good example of "double-think". Hislop also goes on to ponder on the phenomenon of "taking offence", exemplified currently by theocrats and the progressive left, today. Many use the term "racist" and "Islamophobic" to shut down debate and to silence people who disagree with them, back in 1944 Orwell pointed out the exact same problem,

"It will be seen that, as used, the word “Fascism” is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee [a Tory group], the 1941 Committee [a left-liberal group], Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else."

Apparently there is to be a new statue dedicated to Orwell to be placed outside the HQ of the BBC; one of his most famous quotes will be up on the wall behind his likeness, something that all freedom loving people should be supportive of and something that the BBC should especially heed, the artists impression of what it will look like can be seen in the picture below.

Wise words indeed.

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