Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wing and a prayer?

Pakistan's national airline (PIA) seems to be deviating somewhat from the standard procedure of pre-flight checks that you might expect at any modern airport. As well as technical checks (which clearly weren't enough) officials of the airline sacrificed a goat on the runway "for good luck" (not so lucky for the goat!). The hapless animal had it's throat cut and an image of the ritual quickly circulated on social media. I find it amazing that people still have confidence in this airline, whose record recently has not been the best. You would have though that once it comes down to ritual blood letting to ensure the safety of passengers, a transport company may well have hit rock bottom. Where do they go from here? 

Many commentators in the country (to their credit) expressed shock at this bizarre act and stated the rather obvious, i.e. that they wished PIA would spend less on animal sacrifice and more on proper engineering checks and training. In response the airline offloaded the responsibility for the killing onto "staff", but added to the comment, rather smugly, that "the flight on Sunday landed safely" (I sacrificed a chicken and roasted-alive some King-Edward potatoes on Sunday, maybe it was that?)

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