Thursday, December 01, 2016

Mr spin-dry..

We had our annual sales conference in London today, one of the speakers we splashed out on was Alistair Campbell, he was excellent. He gave a talk about current affairs, his perspective on the big issues of the day such as Brexit and Trump etc. I had a brief chat with him in our little "green-room" and he struck me as a regular kind of bloke, dry humour, no pretensions, straight talking (I realise many have a different view of him) Having said that though, he left me feeling quite depressed about our current political and cultural outlook, his assessment of the current Government and particularly of the state of play in the USA and the "post-truth" era were very much in accordance with how I see things. He said that he hadn't figured out any solutions to anything in particular yet, but (like most rational people) can simply see looming problems. His overriding fear is that things will get much worse before there is some kind of back-lash against the pervasive modus-operandi of the lying and appeals to emotion of people like Trump and Boris, and that there will need to be a catastrophic failure (somewhere, somehow) before people are galvanised into action. Not your regular bullshit-bingo sales-conference talk, interesting informed opinion and insight (plus a few behind the scenes anecdotes from the Blair years) I might even buy one of his books!

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