Sunday, June 25, 2017

Decent plonk

Decided to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary with a decent bottle of plonk last night. 

So we cracked open a bottle I bought back in 2001. It was the second wine of a well known Bordeaux chateaux called Pichon-Baron in Pauillac. I visited this chateaux about 10 years ago, it's a beautiful place and a delicious wine, typically "Pauillac", bold, intense and full of the joys of cassis, spice and resinous dark fruits. Even though this wine was a "second wine" (i.e. made from the grapes left over after the main wine selection has been made) it has aged beautifully and (unlike me) will effortlessly improve for another 10 years. I think I paid around a tenner for this bottle but if you were to seek it out today it would be at least 4-5 times that; a real treat.

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