Thursday, June 29, 2017

Where there's smoke?

This is a subject I've blogged about before; it involves Cardinal George Pell (see above), a senior figure in the Roman Catholic Church who famously debated Dicky Dawkins a while ago on the Q&A TV program in Australia. Since then Pell also famously declined an invitation to return to his country of birth to be questioned by police regarding historical sexual abuse charges when he was a Bishop there, claiming he was "too ill".

As can be seen from this video Mr Pell is quite a "cocksure" person, some might even say arrogant. Whilst certainly not a crime, Pell shows himself to be woefully ignorant on topics of History, Science and basic Biology, although appears unaware of that ignorance, espousing many common scientific fallacies as facts. A surprising approach to take in such a debate with someone who is clearly more qualified in this field, which is perhaps more telling of his true authoritarian character than any depth of wisdom?

It would seem that now Mr Pell has been personally charged with multiple historical sexual offences and says he will return to Australia to face those charges, which he denies. Innocent or guilty, let's hope that justice is seen to be done in these cases. Far too many people in that organisation have gotten away with abuse for years and years on the basis of authority, cover-ups and special pleading.

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