Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Deconstructed pint

So here (above) is a de-constructed Peking duck roll! It's basically a square of pancake (which you can just see bottom right) layered with plum sauce, spring onion and cucumber then the duck is the lovely roasted slice on top finished off with some caviar. Eaten at a posh Chinese restaurant in London at the weekend, it went down a treat! I can imagine actual Chinese people living in China being highly amused at a dish like this, and how it changes the further away from the source it gets (and how much we are prepared to pay for it here!).

Talking of food and drink that's well travelled. Below we have a pint of Siren Soundwave a craft brew from a brewery that's just up the road from my house (Finchampstead). Unfortunately I have to travel into central London to actually find it on draft (go figure!) Apparently the economics of the craft-brewing and mainstream pub industries mean that a fantastic beer like this one are that it's not economically viable to sell it to the people that live next door to where it's made. I suspect this is due to a number of factors, like, most of the pubs around here are tied to a large "industrial-scale" brewery and also that the prices charged for a pint (around £6) in London far outweigh the shagging hassle and expense of a small-scale local brewery trying to open their own pubs in their local area.

Whatever the reasons, IMO it's a crying shame the economics often don't work, somehow I feel that £50 return on the train every time I fancy a pint is a little excessive!

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