Friday, June 09, 2017

The results are in..

Well, well, well. I bet there are some bruised ego's within Tory inner circles this morning, although I can't help thinking that the PM will stubbornly cling onto the last vestiges of power, like an unwelcome wasp in your pint glass.

A better outcome IMO would be that Theresa May (or TREsemmé as we like to call her) resigns and the Tories find someone to lead them that at least has some charisma (definitely not Boris) and is softer on Brexit. Ideally they would have an actual plan for it that's a little more substantive than standing on the cliffs of Dover waving two fingers in the air. Someone who can silence the loony right fringes in that party and someone who has the guts to push through more centralist (less austere) policies in order to carry a new mandate, i.e. call a new general election in the Autumn.

I fear this is unlikely though.

The only good thing to come out of this debacle so far is that hopefully this is the last we'll ever hear from UKIP! Can all media outlets take note, there's no good reason to ask the opinion of that scumbag Farage ever again!

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