Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lazy hazy days

I'm always up for trying a new beer and whilst in London enjoying a little R&R with my wife this weekend I popped into the Draft House (a craft beer bar) in Charlotte Street. There I found a beer from Cloudwater called NE DIPA Citra, which if you're not into beer probably sounds like gibberish. When decoded by the nearest hipster, we learn it stands for "New England Double India Pale Ale with Citra hops". The resulting beer is hazy and thick with a mango/citrus/peach laden flavour, and packs a heavy punch at around 9% ABV, the beer uses oats as well as barley to achieve the haze and copies a popular style from the North East of the USA (i.e. New England) I would imagine this isn't to everyone's taste, probably a bit of a "marmite" beer. I couldn't drink more than a half a pint in a sitting, but, like good wine, I found it had a strangely alluring finish that keeps you coming back for another (small) sip, intriguing.

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