Monday, June 12, 2017


So, next time you hear some apologist say "it's only a teeny, tiny minority of Muslims that support the nasty stuff in the Koran" point to Pakistan and ask them how many of the 180 million or so people who live there will be protesting against this execution? Even if many were opposed the death penalty for "thought-crime", how many would dare protest against a regime that kills you for what you think? 

Then remind them that Pakistan is supposed to be a fairly "moderate" Islamic country, a Western ally even, compared to say Iran or Somalia, where people still get executed for "witchcraft" and gay people are hanged from construction cranes in town squares. Perhaps even be so bold as to point out a recent pew poll that estimated 88% of Egyptians (some 70 million Muslims) would like to see the death penalty for apostasy, another form of thought-crime, then ask them again about that so called "minority" position.

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