Monday, July 19, 2021

Holiday round-up

Had a nice break in Somerset last week staying in the Cathedral city of Wells, the house we rented was right in the centre so it was dead easy to walk around the town and visit the many eateries and watering holes etc. The above picture shows the view from my Son's bedroom and you can just about make out the famous Glastonbury Tor in the gap between the chimney stacks, all very picture postcard. 

It was amusing when we first arrived and took the kids down into town, they were totally unimpressed by the huge Medieval Cathedral which dwarfs everything else, but as soon as we rounded the corner into the town square were overwhelmingly chuffed that they both instantly recognized the film set of  "Hot Fuzz" (filmed there in 2006) one of the "cornetto" series of movies starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! We spent most of the rest of the week hearing amusing quips from that movie, "no luck catching them swans then" was a popular one.

In a quick round up of holiday highlights I compiled the following list of my "best's"..

Cheese - Monty's Cheddar
Pub (Wells area) - The Sheppey Inn
Beer (ale) - Wild IPA by the Wild Beer Co.
Beer (lager) - Cool Box by Yonder
Restaurant (in Wells) - Ensemble
Day out - Cheddar Gorge (walking)
Bar/Coffee Shop - The Bishops Eye
Breakfast/Brunch - Twenty-one (bubble and squeak cake topped with a fried egg)
Cake Shop - Parsons Bakery (Chelsea buns!)
Vibe - People-watching in the square when the Sun was shining (occasionally) 
Quaint - Watching the pensioners playing croquet in the Bishops Palace

With that little lot who needs foreign holidays! (although, the weather was a bit naff)..

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