Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Water, water everywhere...

Had this little beauty the other weekend. It's a collaboration between my local brewery Siren and Polly's Brew Co. based in North Wales. It's a lazy, hazy hop bomb of a beer called "Life Aquatic" and features Talus, Sabro and Idaho-7 hops. It's also a beneficiary of Siren's new water-treatment machine (hence the name) with which they can dial-in the exact mineral and ionic composition of their brewing water. This fine grained control of the water profile enables them to pretty much determine the mouth-feel, i.e. soft or hard of the final product. This kind of thing used to be achieved by actually locating your brewery in a place with your preferred water profile (i.e. Burton on Trent) but these days it's all computerized and automated. It's a groovy bit of kit and a really nice beer, can't wait to try some more and different profiles.

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