Saturday, July 17, 2021

Taproom Troubles..


As per the last couple of posts, we've been spending some time in Somerset this week and having arrived on Saturday afternoon I dragged everyone 3 miles out of town to the Yonder brewery and taproom. Since we were only there for a week and Saturday was the only day the brewery opens I had no real choice of days to visit. I figured that we'd spend an hour or so before dinner trying a few (little) different beers before heading off back into town for some scran. 

Anyway, best laid plans etc., the weather was looking highly doubtful and after a long drive the family (including two stroppy teenagers) were less than enthralled by the idea of sitting in a field in the rain, good beer or not! The initial reaction was, suffice to say, pretty "anti"! But, after a couple of outstanding beers and a sniff of the excellent "Fatso Burger Co." van, who were serving people with their range of freshly made (locally sourced) food, the mood entirely switched, even the weather stayed dry (just) and we had a good old laugh about it all. We even said hello to the brewery goats, yes, goats! (see picture below) I'd never seen hair on a goat like this and they were very inquisitive fellows, perhaps they were looking to cadge a cheeky half or something?

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