Thursday, July 01, 2021

Speed of Sound

I read an interesting article on the interwebs the other day about a resurgence in interest in supersonic aircraft. I remember fondly when the Concord used to circle low over our house on the Western approach into Heathrow, on a clear day it was a magnificent sight. I also remember seeing her take off at Heathrow several times, usually as I was walking across the tarmac from a landed flight or walking to one about to take off (I used to do a lot of travelling back in the day) This was particularly memorable in the evening time when blue flames used to surge and pulse out of its four Rolls Royce engines and the roaring sound they made was unmistakable. Apparently United Airlines have placed an order for 50 supersonic jets for commercial use in 2029, it will be interesting to see how the project fairs, I can't imagine that there will be much appetite for increased international travel until we have our hands well and truly around the neck of this virus but hopefully by then it'll be sorted.


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