Monday, January 23, 2017


Watching various Trump related miscellany over the weekend, happened to catch some Trump spokesperson arguing with a TV reporter about the crowd size at his inauguration, the reporter said, "but the facts are plain to see in the TV images, the crowd was much smaller" to which the apologist said "but we disagree and have presented alternative facts". This could be a line straight out of an Orwell novel, chilling.

We were then treated to a boring, monotone lecture by the new Trump spin-doctor Sean Spicer who is clearly very skilled at saying stuff without saying anything at all. The whole briefing was one long rant with some veiled threats to the press-corps on the side. Over the course of the session it became clear that the communication strategy of this administration will consist mainly of lies, projection, petulance and a lot of shouting; much like the campaign was. I do hope the US press is up to the job they're going to have to do over the next 4 years, my sense is that the gauntlet has been thrown.

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