Friday, January 20, 2017


So the loonies officially take over the asylum later today and in my opinion, it's a sad occasion for all reasonable and liberal people the whole world over. I thought it fitting that I learn a new world to usher in this new regime and that word is "Kakistocracy", it's derived from the Greek word "kakistos" meaning "the worst" and hence means "government by the worst and least qualified people". 

Many are trying to put a positive face on things, the eternal optimists among us are saying things like "perhaps it won't be that bad" etc. However, I prefer to go on the evidence and the evidence suggests we're in for an embarrassing and fraught few years from a "pussy grabbing" pillock. Unlike some, I don't hope that Trump succeeds. He's a bully and  I detest him, and hope he crashes and burns, ideally as quickly as possible so that the American people can start to move forward again by electing the kind of leader they deserve, and the world needs.

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